Updated List Of Tire Shops

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Sharon And Center

CityTire Shop NameAddressPhone Number
Bnei BrakLar car20 Baruch Hirsch St.09-9571787
Hod HaSharonLeon tires26 HaYuvalim St.09-7927912
HolonAzor brothers42 Professor Moshe Shor St.03-5592629
JaffaHanania tires2 Jacob Wasserman03-5185221
KadimaTire MasterPaz Gas Station, Road 409-9791300
Kfar BaraA. Tito de LuxA road connects Kfar Kesem to Kfar Bara03-9566637
LodGeneral Tires – Friends BranchNorthern Industrial Zone 17 HaYotzrim St.08-9242428
Modi'inGeneral Tires – Max Shilat16 Arbel St. Industrial Area near ACE08-6113076
Nes ZionaStark tiresIndustrial Zone A Gas Station "Delek"08-9404689
NetanyaVered tires5 Pinkas St., old Industrial Zone09-8617080
Or YehudaFront labs11 HaYozmin St.03-5336564
Petach TikvaGeneral Tires – Petah Tikva branch9 Shenkar St.03-5704065
Petach TikvaMatalon tires65 Jabotinsky St.03-9225766
Ra'ananaGarage and tires24 Hamal St.09-7467111
Ra'ananaLis Moshe tiresRaanana Junction South in the direction of Kfar Saba09-7601214
RehovotNaim and YehezkelIndustrial Zone Derech Yavne  41 Gavrielov St.08-9462345
Rishon LeZionShonsho tires14 Moshe Sharet St.03-5754900
Rishon LeZionTip Top6 Moshe Sharet St.077-3169024
Tel AvivThe tire house5 Mikve Israel St.03-5601189
Tel AvivMeshek Almog TiresHerzl 10103-6833796
Tel AvivDruker ShlomoBen Zvi Road 9403-6813557
Tel AvivTire and flat4 Beit Alfa St.03-5612848
Tel YzhakGreen TireDor Alon Gas Station, 553 Road052-5788133


CityTire Shop NameAddressPhone Number
AcreNaaman tiresAcre Road Haifa Kfar Masaryk Junction "Sonol" gas station04-9911641
AfikimAfikim tire shopAt the entrance to the kibbutz04-6754528
AfulaLev HaEmakim tire (Afula)1 HaMelakha st04-6924858
AfulaHamdan Adal tire shop23 HaHativa "9" st Sonol gas station04-6420483
CarmielPurple Garage (Champion Motors)Haharoshet 67050-9700205
CarmielMM Tire Trade10 Hakabai st. in front of the market04-9983803
Gesher ZivYW tires and rinsingAt the entrance to the kibbutz, Dor Alon gas station04-9520685
HaderaSuper Front1 Freelander St.04-6344566
HaderaHadera Tire and Front Center40 Hanahalim St.04-8241108
HaifaAlush tires106 Yafo road04-8511103
HaifaLuna flat tire shopHshish 490547717914
HaifaGeneral Tires – Zimo Beach Oil Branch13 Gazal Street Shemen Beach04-8665775
HaifaZeppler tires64 Halutzei Hatasiya St.04-8415514
Kiryat BialikArtist tires19 Yosef Levy St. next to Merutz garage04-8746949
Kiryat ShmonaGeneral Tires – Kiryat Shmona branch1 Galilee Elyon , Co-op complex04-8441122
Ma'alot-TarshihaHagalil tiresPresident Herzog boulevard04-9997632
Ma'alot-TarshihaNaim Brothers - Tires Import & Marketing LTDHabrosh St 204-6560061
Migdal HaEmekValley TiresOld Industrial Zone, next to sunfrost04-6545427
NesherZimmo Check Post TiresBar Yehuda road 160, at the "Paz" gas station04-8212308
Nof HaGalilGarage and Panzeri Lev HaEmakim (Galilee View)10 HaMelakha st, next to Strauss04-8711979
Ramat IshaiA.M. Tires and Fuel Marketing Panzers Ltd.3 HaAlon st behind the gas station04-9830612
Rosh PinaGeneral Tires – Rosh Pina branchTzahar Industrial Zone04-6800449
SafedLior Car AccessoriesAt the southern entrance is the new Industrial Zone04-6922717
TiberiasTiberias tires15 Al-Hadif  Delek  Gas Station04-6423777
Tirat HaCarmelTirat HaCarmel tires17 Otzma St.04-8550675
Yanuh-JatKing of the vehicleAt the entrance toYanuh before the gas station04-9574746
Yoknea'amPaz Yokneam tire shopMain road "Paz" gas station in front of the mall04-9894779

Jerusalem And Beit Shemesh

CityTire Shop NameAddressPhone Number
Beit ShemeshHaMahapah tiresBeit Shemesh Junction "Sonol" gas station02-9917907
JerusalemRondo tires1 Beit Hadfus st Givat Shaul02-6525842
JerusalemGrar Habira80 Wadi al-Joz050-2210076
JerusalemDenia tires1 Golomb st Ramat Denia02-6438244
JerusalemBikaa tires11 Bethlehem Road02-6720760
JerusalemYona HaMachon3c Ba'alei HaMelakha Talpiot02-6783555


CityTire Shop NameAddressPhone Number
AradPaz Arad tiresAt the main entrance to "Dor Alon" gas station08-9950070
AshdodAviv HaLevi tires1 HaAvoda St., Light Industrial Zone08-8535558
AshkelonBen Eliyahu tires1 HaPninim St.08-6751370
Beer ShevaCalderon GarageHanehoshet 1408-6275500
Beer ShevaFirst ClassBen Gurion boulevard 808-6282220
Beer ShevaMasada tiresMasada Road 268 "Sonol" gas station08-6417999
Beer ShevaPinchas tiresHahotzev 108-6439597
Beer ShevaJano tires2 Hamelacha st.08-6232745
DimonaElkoby tire shop63 HaAmal Industrial Zone08-6558725
EilatEilat tires4 HaMelakha St.08-6377885
Kiryat GatZadik tires4 HaMelakha St.08-6814002
Kiryat GatNisimov tires5 Tevet St.08-6600524
Kiryat MalakhiA. Yaad tiresPaz gas station Kiryat Malakhi,08-8585234
NetivotParjon tiresBeit HaGadi Netivot Junction08-9933275
SderotElbaz Birkat HaDerechSimtat HaPlada08-6612726
YavnePincher Puncheria Im Shinaim2 Hamesav St.08-9557837
YavneShiron tiresHayarkon 108-9436733
YeruchamThe main garageIndustrial Area, Bitan 6008-6583162


The flat tire service includes professional repair of the flat tire nationwide – free of charge!

The cost of the service is pursuant to the subscription plan:

  • The Flat tire service on the Cello PRO plan costs 1.90 NIS per month for each vehicle in the subscription.
  • The Flat tire service on the Cello Basic plan and Cello VIP plan costs 2.90 NIS per month for each vehicle in the subscription.
  • There is no additional cost for the Flat tire service on Cello Lite plan and Cello GOLD plan.

The terms of the service:

  1. The service will be carried out at one of the service stations in the arrangement with the service provider only and does not entail payment of service fees.
  2. To avoid doubt it is clarified that in cases in which the tire shall be found to be irreparable, the cost of purchasing an alternative tire or any other repair which is not included within the framework of this service shall be imposed on the subscriber and on his account only.
  3. The service shall be provided pursuant to the hours of activity of the service provider that the subscriber has chosen.
  4. The service does not include works for front end alignment and/or tire alignment.
  5. The service does not include a vehicle the tires of which have been damaged on an unpaved road and for a vehicle the owners of which have abused it and/or have used it with lack of good faith,
  6. For receipt of the service the vehicle must be registered with the subscription for that same vehicle.
  7. Connection to the Flat tire service will take effect 24 hours from the joining date.